Baseball & Softball

There is no perfect movement pattern for hitting or throwing a baseball or softball.  Every player develops skill-specific movement patterns based on environmental, individual, and task constraints through a period of self-exploration.  We recognize and appreciate this individuality at Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC. Our team embraces the advanced analytics and sports science methods currently captivating the baseball and softball worlds.  For a hitter, this means a deep biomechanical dive into performance metrics such as launch angle, exit velocity, hard hit percentage, barrel consistency, and batted ball profiles.  Meanwhile, pitchers will focus on the most current pitch design strategies as well as critical performance metrics such as velocity, spin rate, spin axis, as well as horizontal and vertical break.  Both hitters and pitchers will also be exposed to full-scale functional movement screens and foundational athleticism evaluations to identify strengths and limitations.

Our performance specialists will work with the athlete to develop his/her biomechanical profile using state-of-the-art technology that includes:

  • High-Speed Cameras (Edgertronic SC2+) Critical to modern pitch design strategies, these high-speed cameras capably capture the pitcher’s release point, grip, finger position, spin axis, pitch trajectory, and pitch tunneling effectiveness, which are unavailable to the naked eye.
  • HitTrax – Enables Epic biomechanists to analyze the performance metrics of baseball players. Whether the athlete is focused on hitting, pitching, or catching, the data collected facilitates a comprehensive view of performance. The output performance metrics include batted ball exit velocity, launch angle, and point of contact, as well as pitched ball velocity, location, and late break. The full gaming option also exposes athletes to full-scale competitive environments to evaluate in-game performance.
  • Portable ground reaction force & pressure plates (Boditrak) – Used to assess, retrain, and validate athletic performance. Epic performance specialists utilize this technology to evaluate the ground reaction forces, center of pressure, and other critical performance metrics of a hitter.
  • Wireless 3D Motion Capture (4D Motion & K-Motion) – This technology evaluates the body’s efficiency in the kinematic sequence for a hitter and pitcher.   A correct sequence provides the fastest energy transfer and amplification from the body’s core to the critical extremity.
  • Rapsodo Hitting & Pitching – A radar and camera-based system to monitor and track ball flight. The portable hitting station quantifies performance metrics such as exit velocity, launch angle, and batted ball direction.  The pitching unit determines spin rate, spin axis, and 3-dimensional ball flight.
  • Portable Swing Trackers (Blast Motion) – an Epic biomechanist will consult with this technology to take a deeper dive into baseball/softball performance metrics such as swing speed, hand speed, attack angle, on plane efficiency, rotational acceleration, and power. The data collected then drives personalized training programs focused on optimizing performance.
  • Wearable Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) – wearable inertial measurement units are capable of measure kinematics and kinetics such as joint angles and torques. While worn, biomechanical data regarding every throw made during training is captured and analyzed to assess overall workload and biomechanical performance.