About Our Sports Biomechanics

Data-Driven Sports Science & Athletic Performance Optimization

Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC is at the forefront of data-driven sports science and athletic performance optimization. We offer full biomechanical assessments for athletes in individualized, small group, or team settings. Our team will also work with coaches, scouts, and general managers interested in understanding and interpreting the biomechanics that are so critical to optimal performance.  The Epic team recognizes the individuality of today’s athlete.  We strive to proactively assess the functional movements of the athlete to prescribe personalized corrective strategies that curtail movement-erosion, eliminate compensatory movement patterns, and mitigate injury risk.

The foundational athleticism of each client is also specifically evaluated to identify individualized strengths as well as any limitations that could be impeding performance. At the very core, biomechanics is the study of the human body’s structure and function using mechanical methods. In these terms, the Epic team utilizes the world’s most advanced technology in our full-scale research facility to assess skill-specific performance metrics. The data collected are combined with advanced analytical techniques to define the athlete’s unique biomechanical profile.  This profile drives unique training programs while providing a framework for monitoring developmental gains and minimizing performance dips. Injury prevention is also critically important to the Epic team.

Our group is focused on helping athletes move better and feel better by identifying and rectifying dysfunctional movement patterns. The biomechanical profile derived also serves to monitor movement patterns that disrupt joint functionality and are often precursors to acute injury. This holistic approach uses the very best principles of sports science to develop a biomechanical plan that is as dynamic and personalized as the individual athlete to ensure that our clients achieve their performance goals.