About Our Sports Biomechanics

Data-Driven Sports Science & Athletic Performance Optimization

Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC is at the forefront of data-driven sports science and athletic performance optimization. We offer individual and team consultations. Our packages include skill and physical assessments so that we get to know all the unique qualities of the player. Our team crunches the numbers and does all the analysis for you. It saves players and coaches alike an immense amount of time so that they can get back to what they love – playing the game.

These graphs aren’t something you need to worry about, it’s why we are here. But if you want to dig deep, we’ll be right there with you helping to explain every aspect of your performance:

Balls in Play by Exit Velocity & Launch Angle Hard Hit and Barrel Percentage Heart Map Average Kinematic VelocitiesBat path Metrics (RHB)
















But regardless of your experience and depth of knowledge with big data, it tells a story, and we use that story to make you the most complete version of yourself possible…