Injury Mitigation

Healthy players are efficient movers. They maintain the strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and movement quality that is essential to overall health. This is why our assessments include physical evaluations that look at every aspect of the athlete. Our skill assessments then determine the athlete’s overall efficiency. We combine the two areas to figure out how and why a player moves the way that they do. It is this type of deep dive that gives our athletes an edge over all others. We strive to keep our players on the field so that they can continue to do what they love so much.


Our physical assessments include:

  • Functional Movement Screen – to assess overall movement quality
  • Flexibility / Mobility Evaluation – to determine how well an athlete can get into the positions they need to be successful
  • Shoulder Complex Assessment – specific to our throwing athletes to evaluate any upper extremity injury risks or inefficiencies
  • Strength and Power Assessment – to identify key areas that need enhancement for long-term athletic development

You won’t find a more in-depth overall assessment when the above information is combined with our skill assessments. Get better faster for the long term today…