Our Sports Biomechanics Services

Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC Services

At Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC. we offer individualized, small group, and team assessments. Our performance staff will also work directly with coaches, scouts, or general managers interested in understanding the biomechanics that are so critical to their athletes.  This biomechanical investigation measures the athlete’s sport-specific power production, joint demands, and forces, while advanced analytics are used to compile critical performance metrics.  Regardless of your sport of interest, the Epic team will make the data work for you to drive personalized training programs that foster athletic growth and development. Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC provides countless benefits to you and your team which can include the following:

  • Comprehensive functional movement screening that objectively quantifies the athlete’s stability and mobility, while also establishing baseline movement patterns that serve as unique biomarkers;
  • Injury prevention through identification and reconstruction of dysfunctional movement patterns before compensation strategies can disrupt joint functionality;
  • Personalized corrective movement plans that curtail movement-erosion, counteract athletic deficiencies, mitigate injury risk, and optimize the athlete’s foundation;
  • Sport-specific biomechanical profiles for baseball, cycling, lacrosse, and softball;
  • Invaluable biomechanical insights using state-of-the-art technologies such as high-speed video, wireless body-mounted inertial measurement units, real-time ball radar tracking, ground force, and pressure plates, and 3-dimensional kinematic (i.e. movement) evaluations;
  • An in-depth understanding and quantification of the athlete’s sport-specific muscular and joint demands, as well as the body’s amplification, power production, and efficiency along the kinematic sequence;
  • Access to advanced analytics and critical sport-specific performance metrics;
  • A comprehensive understanding of athletic workload to enable sufficient recovery;
  • A personalized biomechanical plan that fosters athletic growth and long-term development to achieve performance goals;
  • Years of biomedical, biomechanical, mechanical, and kinesthetic expertise with a specialized focus on human anatomy and physiology as it applies to athletic performance and optimization. Learn more about the Epic Team.