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Our Sports Biomechanics Research Facility

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A New-School Biomechanics Research and Training Center

Our research facility is a biomechanics laboratory and training center. We are home to technology that simply cannot be found in most places. Our Ph.D. level protocols deploy equipment that can include:

  • 3-dimensional motion capture
  • Ground pressure tracking technology
  • 12 sensor array inertial measurement units
  • Ball tracking technologies (HitTrax, Rapsodo, Trackman)
  • Arm, bat, racket, and club tracking technology
  • Electromyographic (EMG) recording sensors
  • Ball velocity radar guns
  • Speed gates
  • Strength & conditioning equipment
  • High-speed cameras to this listing

Our Technology

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Motion Capture

The ‘gold standard’ of sports biomechanics analysis. Our motion capture system enables full-body movement reconstruction to analyze the speed, acceleration, and forces applied during any athletic event.

edgertronic high speed video camera
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The Epic experience includes advanced video analysis that incorporates high-speed camera systems to visualize, track, and monitor athletic performance.

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Ground Reaction Technologies

Systems such as HitTrax, Rapsodo, and Trackman enable a deeper dive into an athlete’s output. The relationship between body movements and these output metrics can be key to identifying player inefficiencies.

electromyography equipment
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Electromyography (EMG)

EMG is a diagnostic tool that measures the electrical activity of muscles during movement. It helps our doctors understand the efficiency of your movement patterns while performing your sport specific skill.

sports ball tracking technology
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Ball Tracking Technologies

Athletic movements start at the ground. We capture and analyze this information to optimize your performance.

imu sport sensor devices
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Inertial Measurement Units

IMU arrays create comprehensive and portable 3D motion capture systems for any or all parts of your body. They also create 3D avatar displays for easily accessible feedback within an assessment or training program.

measurement of joint movement of pitcher