female softball player with biometric trackers
baseball pitcher throwing ball during form drills

Sports Performance Analysis & Optimization

Where doctors optimize athletic performance and work to reduce the risk of injury

Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC. is home to Ph.D. level experts in biomedical engineering, biomechanical engineering, and kinesiology. We use our expertise to assess, train, and optimize the performance of teams and individuals in a variety of sports. Our doctors specialize in data simplification to ensure that the teams and athletes we work with can get better faster, remain healthy, and achieve their goals. Our facility is a sports biomechanics center equipped with the world’s most advanced technology to enable evaluations and training programs that focus on:

  • Skill Performance
  • Injury risk
  • Movement efficiency
  • Athleticism & power
  • Physical readiness
  • Strength & conditioning

Our knowledge and experience are second to none and where you need to be to optimize your performance.