Athletic Performance Optimization

Athlete-Specific Training Programs That Optimize Performance

At Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC., we utilize the world’s most advanced technology in a full-scale research facility to comprehensively understand the individuality of an athlete to foster development and optimize performance.  Our training staff works to identify each individual’s biomechanical profile. At the very core, biomechanics is the study of the human body’s structure and function using mechanical methods. In these terms, the Epic team assesses the athlete’s body from a functional perspective and quantifies his/her general athletic and sport-specific metrics.   The data collected defines the athlete’s biomechanical profile which is used to drive athlete-specific training and program that will optimize performance.  The biomechanical profile details the specific characteristics of the athlete including:

  • Individualized joint forces and torques
  • Body segment velocities and accelerations
  • Segment-to-segment gains throughout the kinetic chain
  • Athletic power production biomarkers
  • Critical output performance metrics
  • Ground reaction forces and center of pressure mapping
  • Injury risk and athletic workload
  • Speed and strength foundational baselines
  • Movement pattern deficiencies and asymmetries