Injury Prevention is Paramount

Sport-Specific Skills Analyzed

Epic Sports Biomechanics, LLC. is home to 16 different Ph.D.’s, Master’s, and Bachelor’s level biomedical engineers, biomechanical engineers, mechanical engineers, kinesiologists, human factors experts, and computer scientists with past and present athletic experience spanning all sports ranging from baseball and soccer, to track and field, basketball, football, lacrosse, sprinting, distance running, cycling, and golf, amongst many others. All of them are here to help athletes move better and feel better by identifying and rectifying dysfunctional movement patterns before compensation strategies can disrupt joint functionality.

Once appropriate movement levels are established, sport-specific performance and skills are analyzed and investigated. This includes a deep dive into the athlete’s unique biomechanical profile using state-of-the-art technologies such as:

  • High-speed video
  • Wireless body-mounted inertial measurement units
  • Real-time ball radar tracking
  • Ground force and pressure plates
  • 3-dimensional kinematic (i.e. movement) evaluations

This biomechanical investigation measures the athlete’s sport-specific power production, joint demands, and forces, while advanced analytics are used to compile critical performance metrics. Regardless of your sport of interest, the Epic team will make the data work for you to drive personalized training programs that foster athletic growth and development. This holistic approach uses the very best principles of sports science to develop a biomechanical plan that is as dynamic and personalized as the individual athlete to ensure that he/she achieves his/her performance goals.